Spring is just Insight

Insight, in sight? You’re about to find out. 
As winter slowly but surely begins to fade out, the long-awaited white space on my calendar is finally in view. We made it through Thanksgiving, we made it through Christmas, and guess what? We made it through the New Year! A new life is turning all around us, I feel a similar sensation prompting me to grow something and shed others. Whether it’s the preparation of my garden (yes, I’m finally committing to this – more on it later) or the airing out and freshening up of our home (spring cleaning) this season always stirs within me a desire to consider what I have outgrown and need to weed out in order to make room for things I hold dear.
I’m a firm believer that your home says a lot about you. The potted azaleas on the front porch, the smell of home-baked biscuits or freshly baked cookies that greets you at the door, or the warming feeling that fills your heart due to  pictures that flood the walls and surfaces throughout the home. These are all clues that help me to learn about a person a tad bit better. Those are the things to me that truly make a house into a home.
‘Ah, life grows lovely where you are.’
I’m a firm-believer that our homes should be a reflection of ourselves and our families. I like things small and simple – small homes, small projects, big love. Speaking of love, Valentine’s Day is approaching and I’m trying to take time to explore into showing how I can show love to those around me no matter what day of the year. Not just partners or spouses… friends that mean the world to you, coworkers who make your life a little easier, the lady in the grocery store who smiled just right on a random Tuesday evening after a long, tough day at work. This perspective is one you might want to pursue long after spring has passed. Empowering is everything (see, Foster Momma Monday – by the way, I hope the stories we’ve gathered resonate with you and help you to consider what you want to hold close this year.) And above all, I hope that you take comfort in knowing that it’s often the small, consistent actions that make the most impact as well pursue intentional living.
So what do I want to be more intentional about? 
My words. They can shape a life or change things forever. I want to pause, think, and take the time to use the right one ..preferably kinder ones. I want to take time to develop deeper relationships with my friends and not allow the stress of the day-to-day struggles get the best of me. But at the same time I want to begin to really notice, show interest in, and express kindness to those I cross paths with. Too often I fail to pay attention and really see the person I’m interacting with, whether it is the waitress at the restaurant who’s currently serving me, the lady who smiled in the grocery store aisle on that tiresome Thursday night, or the cashier in the checkout line.
I’m going to put my cell phone down, and if I need to have a conversation I’m going to call instead of text (which is difficult enough in itself because I absolutely cannot stand talking on the phone after I get off of work.) I’ve allowed my cell phone to take attention away from what really matters and even when I’m texting I’m never fully ‘devoted’ to that conversation as I would be if I were talking on the phone with that person… texting I can be doing a million things like checking Facebook, Twitter, online shopping, etc. Talking on the phone I’m still multitasking, I’m made to be  more committed.
I want to include myself in pictures with my family. I always make sure that I take pictures of the girls and even trying to make sure that I take a few of my other family members with the girls, but I never make sure that I include myself. I want to ensure that the girls are able to look back on pictures of our entire family, including myself.
So let’s start the spring here – getting back to the basics. Rather than broadening our scope, I want to focus our attention on the areas of our lives that are worth giving all we’ve got- our full, undivided attention. This looks different for each one of us, but I think it’s very important to look closely at what fulfills us the most. We want to be clear on which pursuits will actually lead us towards a life well-loved.

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