Foster Momma Monday: Meet Kayla!

27394497_1854656497885906_2101299599_nMy name is Kayla, and I live in Carrolton with my husband, our 3 furbabies, and our new foster loves. We have been married for 6 crazy years. Whether it was school, remodeling the house, selling the house, buying another house or overcoming a spinal tumor, our lives always seem to be hectic… or so we thought up until recently! We spent 5 out of our 6 years of our 15727088_1271843162854908_5079051416831673391_nmarriage trying for children of our own. It was extremely difficult dealing with questions and statements of our friends and family members who didn’t know or understand our struggle. We considered a specialist but for some reason it did not feel right. Adoption was the next option and even that felt like it wasn’t for us. All we knew is that we wanted a family terribly and we were tired of hurting and answering the same questions at every friend and family function. We hadn’t considered fostering until some friends of ours made time to sit with us and tell us their experience with fostering a sweet 2 year old baby girl. As soon as we met her and heard their story nothing felt more perfect. We knew there were risks and our hearts could be broken but there was a chance to give a child a home and fill the empty bedrooms that felt like holes in our hearts. For now we are an adoptive home (and are hoping to eventually adopt) but may consider just fostering later once we have adopted some little ones of our own.

Q: What, to you, is the most difficult challenge you are faced with when fostering?
The biggest challenge for us is knowing that no matter how much we love our foster children they may not be with us forever.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part about this process to you?
The most rewarding part for us was watching the children when they finally realized that we were coming back for them everyday at daycare. Every morning they would ask us, “are you coming back to get us?” They don’t ask us anymore because they know we are! The first time I brought home an entire kitchen’s worth of groceries my oldest looked at me and asked if they were for them and I said yes. I will NEVER forget his response… ” Those are for us… You are our mommy.”

Q:  What’s something that you wish people understood about ‘being a foster family?’
Please do not expect perfection from a foster child or foster parent. It’s all a work in progress.

Extra Notes From Kayla:

If you haven’t considered fostering, you should. There are so many children that need a home, a routine and love.

I was really excited to do this one! This is a friend of mine that I went through impact training with so we went through the whole process together and i truly value her and am beyond thankful to have her in my corner!

* As always, if you know of a friend or someone in your life (OR EVEN YOU!) who would be great for Foster Momma Monday, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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