• On my bucket list… swimming with sea turtles and to go to the sea turtle hatchery, to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas.
  • Rare talent that I possess that no one pays me for… I’m an awesome party planner due to my extreme OCD and organizational skills. Wedding? Birthday? Baby shower? I’m your girl from the decorations all the way to the food. (I’m also like a closet interior designer.)
  • My “go to dessert” is… ice cream. It’s a true staple in my life.
  • Kitchen tool that I cannot live without… my wine bottle opener.
  • One thing that I wish I could do… BAKE! I can cook (pretty well) and do a lot of it from memory, from scratch, or just “guestimation.” I can’t use my creative mind set as much with baking – it has to be super precise and “by the book” or it falls apart (sometimes literally!) I would love to dig down deep and find the discipline to be able to bake.